Christopher's Story

Interview featured in Greenville Neighbors Magazine

Happy Wheels came into our lives in the middle of a parent's worst nightmare. Our 8-month-old baby boy, Christopher Robyn, was sick for a few days and rapidly declined until we almost lost him.

Emergency surgery resolved his telescoped intestines, but he remained on a ventilator fighting for his life. Happy Wheels was just the encouragement we needed to keep our spirits up! Their smiles and generosity were infectious and brought joy to our family during a very scary time.

As Christopher came off the ventilator, he was able to enjoy the new toys and books the Happy Wheels cart provided. Everyone looked forward to seeing Happy Wheels during those many weeks of recovery! We have had the privilege of supporting Happy Wheels through a color run, Barnes and Noble gift wrapping, and personal toy fundraisers because we KNOW the impact Happy Wheels is having on hurting children and families.

In giving to Happy Wheels, you are bringing light and joy to those who are facing their hardest moments. God blesses the children through Happy Wheels! – Stacy (Christopher’s mom)